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Pernah kena Mummy Thumb?

Korang bertabah lah untuk baca artikel ni ye.. Memang panjang ya amat..

Tapi aku rasa aku pernah kena Mummy Thumb ni masa lepas lahirkan Hanif..

Hampir berbulan-bulan gak kena, cume tak sedar bila hilangnye..

Rupa2nya memang ada simptom ni.. teringat lagi dulu minta Napi urut2kan sebab tak tahan sgt sakitnya..

by Dawn Fallik
Wednesday, December 8, 2010

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Contributing to the Rise in Cases: Heavier Children, Lower Cribs, Older New Mothers, and Frequent Smartphone Scrolling.

Tara Heglar was picking up her son from his crib when the pain started, a searing sharpness on the side of her right hand.

It began when Charlie was about a month old and continued to worsen over the next half year. The snap of pain would return when she used her iPhone, lifted her son or even cradled his head while he nursed. "It felt like I had bruised my bone," says the 38-year-old Ms. Heglar, a business analyst in Concord, N.C.

Orthopedic surgeons estimate that between one-quarter and one-half of new mothers experience symptoms of De Quervain's. When common pain relievers don't ease the inflammation, patients are getting steroid injections, splints and even surgery. Ms. Heglar says she wore a splint after getting a cortisone shot and hasn't had problems since.An orthopedic surgeon diagnosed Ms. Heglar with mommy thumb, formally known as De Quervain's tendinitis, an inflammation of the tendons below the thumb down to the wrist. Although the condition has been around as long as parents have hoisted their children, doctors say a combination of heavier children, older new mothers, cribs that are lower to the floor and frequent scrolling and typing on smartphones has sent the number of cases skyward.

People with De Quervain's typically experience pain on the thumb side of the wrist that radiates up the forearm. Sometimes the symptoms start during pregnancy. Doctors aren't sure why, but they believe that swelling adds pressure to already stressed tendons, exacerbating the irritation. For many women (and some men), it gets worse when they are constantly lifting a child, bending down into the crib, putting their hands in an "L" shape under the child's armpits and lifting so that much of the weight is on the thumbs.

In a study published last year that looked at more than 11,000 cases of De Quervain's culled from a large data base of military personnel, researchers at the University of Colorado School of Medicine found that the condition occurred more than four times as frequently in women as in men. The study also found that people over 40 years old were more than three times as likely to get De Quervain's as younger people.

Rachel Rohde, an orthopedic surgeon in Royal Oak, Mich., says most of her patients with De Quervain's are mothers, but she also sees some fathers, grandparents and nannies with the condition. As the mother of a newborn herself, Dr. Rohde said she's careful to put a pillow under the baby's head while nursing so the weight of the baby is not resting solely on her hand and straining her thumb. She also says she tries to use a "scooping" technique to lift the baby out of the crib. By placing the weight in the palms or on the forearms, it avoids putting the thumb out of alignment to the rest of the hand and stressing the tendons, she says.

Still, Dr. Rohde says, the automatic motion for picking up a baby is usually to lift from under the baby's arms, which places the strain on the thumb. "Sometimes you can't avoid it," she says.

Children are getting heavier, on average. In 2004, 10.1% of children aged 6 months to 2 years were overweight, compared with 5.7% in 1980, according to the most recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Katy Lawson, 29, of Lantana, Texas, says she never had problems with her hands until her son was about a month old. She began noticing sharp pains down her hand when she tried to lift him or grip something, and a bump was forming on her wrist. Although Ms. Lawson's son is not particularly heavy, she says he often sleeps in a portable playpen that is low to the ground. Many cribs also are now lower to the floor for safety reasons, and doctors say that creates more stress on the hand when lifting a baby.

Two months later, Ms. Lawson says she went to see a hand surgeon. When he asked if there was a new baby in the house, she said, "It's funny that you mention that." She says she has received two cortisone shots on the wrist, beneath her thumb. She was also given a splint to wear for a few weeks.

The treatment hasn't helped, and Ms. Lawson says she is scheduled for surgery this month. She says her thumb doesn't hurt as much when she picks up her son, because she is careful about she lifts him. "It just hurts randomly. Sometimes when I'm just lying in bed it catches," she says.

Mommy thumb mainly affects two tendons—the abductor pollicis longus, or long thumb abductor, and the extensor pollicis brevis, or short thumb extensor. The tendons come into play when the thumb is moved in a different plane from the hand, as when placing hands flat on a table and lifting the thumb toward the ceiling.

If ice and anti-inflammatory drugs don't help, most patients are fitted with a splint that prevents them from moving the thumb and given a steroid injection, which decreases the inflammation, says Stephen Troum, a hand surgeon in Bedford, Texas, and a spokesman for the American Society for Surgery of the Hand, a doctors' association.

Dr. Troum, who treated Ms. Lawson, himself had hand surgery for De Quervain's when he was a resident after aggravating his wrist doing a lot of surgery. He says that if patients don't feel relief after one or two steroid shots, he usually recommends surgery. Too many injections can weaken the tendons to the point of rupture, he says.

Michelle G. Carlson, a hand surgeon at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City, developed De Quervain's herself after giving birth. "I thought I was really cautious, but when I had my first child, I started feeling sore and I made myself a splint right away," she says.

She says mommy thumb is the main reason she sees De Quervain's patients, although others can develop it from tasks that repeatedly stress the tendons around the thumb. "A lot of people will say, 'Oh my child is so heavy,' " Dr. Carlson says. Heavier children tend to start walking later so mothers are doing a lot more lifting for a longer time. "You don't see this develop when the child is 3 and they're walking on their own," she says.

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Artikel Best : Baby and Sleeping

A Helping Hand: My Baby Won't Sleep
by Diana Hartman

My five-month-old won't sleep by herself. She exhausts herself to sleep with screaming and crying. She doesn't even like her car seat. It's just getting worse even though I am doing the same thing every night. She doesn't even like it when I pick her up. I don't know how to teach her to sleep on her own without fighting it.

A baby who isn't the go-right-to-sleep type isn't going to become the type no matter what you do. Put that thought out of your head so you can move on. For your own peace of mind, do also dismiss any stories you might have heard from friends and relatives about how well their babies slept.

They didn’t “teach” their babies to be easygoing – their babies were born that way. Lucky them. Just because they had easygoing babies doesn't mean there's anything wrong with your or your child. If anything, it means those other people couldn't have handled anything other than an easygoing child. Thusly, they are in no way qualified to judge you or your child or to advise you.

Parents of easygoing babies are often heard to say you can spoil a child by holding them too much. This is not true. They think this because their child was so easygoing. They would change their tune if they had had a child who wasn’t easygoing. You can no sooner spoil a baby than you can spoil a car by driving it all the time. Babies are born to be touched and held. This is why babies don't walk until close to their first year of age.

Babies have lots of brain cells, but those brain cells are no good unless they're interconnected. The nerve fibers connecting these cells are called dendrites. The only thing that develops dendrites is touching. There is a direct connection between the development of a baby's brain and how much they are held.

As the mother of one ADHD child and two other children — all grown — I can tell you that while you may spend the first year of that child's life holding her, you will spend the next 10 years chasing after her and the next 10 years after that waiting for her to come hang out with you. She will always come back to you, but only if she knows from her first year of life that you're a consistent, reliable, and loyal source of love.

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P/S: Masa cam ginila kita nak pelok anak kita puas2.. tak lama, setahun je.. Peluang begini datang sekali je bagi setiap anak.. Rugi rasanya kalau tak manfaatkan sebaik-baiknya..

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Shopping @ LittleWhiz

Beberapa hari sebelum tahun baru menjengah, aku memilih untuk membeli barang-barang bayi di laman web LittleWhiz. Disebabkan lokasi aku di Parit Raja, Johor ni, tak ada kedai gudang barangan bayi yang menawarkan pelbagai pilihan barang-barang bayi di bawah satu bumbung. Harga pun kurang kompetitif. Jadi, aku mengambil keputusan untuk membuat pembelian secara atas talian. Tetapi, kenapa LittleWhiz ye?

Harga Kompetitif + Diskaun yang menarik
Kebanyakan harga yang ditawarkan mampu menandingi harga para pesaingnya.  Kedai barangan bayi di tempat aku pun tak dapat menawarkan harga sebegitu menarik. Tambahan pula, pembelian ini dilakukan semasa LittleWhiz menawarkan promosi diskaun akhir tahun.

Pelbagai Pilihan Produk
Produk-produk yang ada di laman web LittleWhiz ni sukar untuk dijumpai di Parit Raja mahupun Batu Pahat (Melainkan aku duduk KL, memang senang cari la).  Hendak pergi meninjau di sana-sini membuang masa dan tenaga, lebih-lebih lagi jika produk yang dicari kehabisan stok.  Di atas talian, tak payah aku jalan-jalan cari. Beberapa klik sahaja dah mengembalikan banyak pilihan swaddle blanket.

Redemption Point
Sebelum melakukan sebarang pembelian di LittleWhizkena la mendaftar akaun pengguna dulu.  Akaun pengguna ini membolehkan kita mengumpul mata (point).  Melalui jumlah mata terkumpul ini, kita diberi kemudahan untuk menebus produk-produk lain secara atas talian.

Tawaran Penghantaran Percuma
Ini adalah antara tarikan utama aku melakukan pembelian di laman web LittleWhiz.  Pelanggan ditawarkan penghantaran percuma melalui pembelian produk berjumlah RM200.  Berserta terma dan syarat tertentu (contohnya jumlah berat barang-barang yang dibeli kurang dari 5 kg).  Oleh kerana jumlah pembelian ini melebihi RM300,  kos penghantaran adalah percuma walaupun lokasinya Parit Raja!  Ok la kan, segelintir barang-barang bayi memang mahal. Aku beli 5 barang dah melebihi RM 300, dan beratnya baru 2 kg.  Jadi dapatla penghantaran percuma.

Pilihan Pelbagai Mod Bayaran
Masa aku beli ni gaji tak masuk lagi. Tapi LittleWhiz terima bayaran melalui kad kredit, jadi selesai la masalah.. Selain kad kredit, bayaran melalui bank secara atas talian pun diterima. Proses pembayaran pun selamat, mudah dan pantas..

Maklumbalas Pantas
LittleWhiz menghantar sms pada hari yang sama untuk memaklumkan berkenaan corak stroller pad yang dipesan dah habis dan pilihan corak lain yang masih ada. Oleh kerana ada banyak pilihan corak lain yang comel-comel, aku sekadar menjawab melalui sms juga kepada LittleWhiz untuk pilihan baru corak stroller pad tu. Semudah itu sahaja.

Pagi temujanji untuk pemeriksaan di Kluang tu, aku menerima panggilan dari pihak KTM Kluang. Barang-barang dari LittleWhiz dah sampai.  Pihak kurir KTM menanyakan lokasi rumah disebabkan Parit Raja ni memiliki banyak kampung-kampung yang namanya bermula dengan perkataan Parit. Oleh kerana kebetulan aku memang nak ke Kluang, aku memilih untuk datang sendiri ke Stesyen KTM Kluang.

Barang2 yang aku beli dari LittleWhiz.. 1. Little Bean Sterilizer & Warmer.. 2. Little Bean Infra Red Ear Thermometer.. 3. Bumble Bee Stroller Pad.. 4. Bumble Bee Fitted Crib Sheet.. 5. Bumble Bee Swaddle Blanket..
3 barang yang terakhir tu aku dah pun dibasuh dan dilipat masuk ke dalam beg.. Tinggal la dua barang di atas ni..  Memang aku berpuas hati dengan layanan LittleWhiz, dan semestinya aku akan mengulangi pembelian di LittleWhiz sahaja.  Lagipun, aku nak kumpul mata ganjaran hehe..